Craigslist Fridays: Vol 2


Many of us can relate to being piss poor at some point in our adult lives. Perhaps it was during the ages of 19-22, when college, bars and Forever 21 sucked every last penny you earned out of that shitty Roxy wallet that your high school boyfriend got you for your 6 month anniversary.

Perhaps it was because Daddy finally refused to fund your seventh set of acting headshots, forcing you to go to work at that new organic-vegan-gluten free joint that just opened up in Culver City.

Whatever the reason, many of us have been there and as a result, many of us have become far too familiar with surfing Craigslist for free shit.

Like this free couch, for example. Not only will this 70s chic gem put you out ZERO dollars, it’s been conveniently placed in a dumpster for you. Don’t mind the bed bugs and human feces it’s come in contact with at its new home, it looks good, and that’s what truly matters. So come pick it, and a free case of head lice, up today!

Craigslist Fridays: Vol 2

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